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Custom Software Development Service of Nova Sofware, Inc.

Our service mark, Innovation + ImplementationSM accurately portrays what we do for you when you come to us for custom software development. You receive a solution that includes innovation where it counts, carried through with implementation that meets your needs.

Areas of particular expertise include UDP and TCP, FTP, HTTP and HTTPS, HTML, CSS, SNMP, SMTP, POP3, WI-FI, SSL/TLS, TELNET, SYSLOG, RRD, EDI, Databases, Encryption, Health Care, Insurance and Financial software, on both UNIX/Linux and MSWindows® systems. Contact us to obtain outstanding results in these and other specialties.

For the technically-minded learn how our mincodeSM software technique benefits you.

Dealing directly with Nova Software saves you middleman markup and fees and insures you the most satisfactory, economical and superior-quality end product.

Call today tosix one seven - nine six five - one four three seven, or Email consulting at nova-sw dot com.

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