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What is MincodeSM?

At Nova Software we adhere to a minimum code software standard: Source code size is minimized to the greatest extent possible consistent with reliable performance and easy maintenance. Duplicate, extraneous, and redundant code and variables are eliminated. Duplicate in-line code that is not a critical real-time segment is converted to modules or objects. Reuseable temporary variables take the place of single-use, named variables. Unnecessary movement of data between variables is minimized. Minimizing code, however, does not mean slighting good error handling practice, nor the proper use of named constants. These are both critical elements in our aim for the most correct and maintainable, fastest, and leanest code possible for a given functionality.

Although widely acknowledged in principle this standard is freqently overlooked in practice where expediency and deadlines can rule. However, through extensive experience maintaining and enhancing both our own code and that of others, we at Nova Software have developed the committment and skill to follow this standard efficiently to get the following benefits:

  1. More reliable software simply due to fewer lines of code and fewer things to go wrong
  2. More reliable software since fewer "permanent" variables reduces the number of states in the state machine
  3. More maintainable software, due to less code to maintain and less confusion created by unnecessary elements in the code.
  4. Faster software execution due to less code to execute
  5. Faster software execution due to less shuffling of data between data structures
  6. Smaller software footprint on disk
  7. Smaller software footprint in memory
  8. Faster install time
  9. Faster load time
  10. Faster distribution on a network
All of these benefits are yours when you choose Nova Software for your software development needs.