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Uptime of the World's Top 500 Websites

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Nova Software monitors the 500 most active websites in the world‡ with the latest release of appchkr. The links above display the current up/down status snapshot for those 500 sites, the summary uptime percentage of each site for the report period shown, the recent alerts, if any, and the real-time scan log. These demo pages update to the latest ones after each scan of the 500 websites, which can be seen while watching the pages in your browser.

A very short timeout has been choosen for the monitoring so as to show occasional failure-to-connect for some of the slower sites, due to network or server congestion, and thus to illustrate monitoring of a less-than-perfect system. Click on the alerts link to see the latest alerts corresponding to such events. All of the factors controlling this behavior are fully configurable in the Appchkrs, with well-thought-out default values eliminating any need for user action outside of exceptional cases.

A small number (~18) of very erratically-responding, private, or blocked domains have been set to 'nocheckng', for clarity, and to illustrate this feature.

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The scan interval is typically 1-2 minutes. It will vary due to varying network and target latencies.
Mozilla survey of most active domains as of May 2018. Only one active IP address at a time is monitored for each site.