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Network Equipment Performance Monitor

NEPM's features

FeatureLocal Edition
Monitor Cisco and other IOS-compatible router syslogs directlyx
Monitor isolated, unconnected networksx
Monitor both UNIX/Linux/FreeBSD and WinNT/2000 nodesx
Monitor sub-systems within nodesx
Monitor multiple firewalled networksx
Manage via web browserx
Network transport protocolIP
Full archiving capabilityx
Replaces router syslog serversx
Host on UNIX/Linux/FreeBSD or WinNT/2000/XPx
Command line interfacex
Log Gigabytes/day capacity per Builder20*
Log Gigabytes/day capacity per Courier**
Monitor network linksRel 3.0
Combined numeric and graphic resultsx
Reports in htmlx
Network-wide alert summary reportx
Network-wide downtime summary reportx
Network-wide server performance summary reportx
Network-wide event summary reportx
Detail report for each element and parameter monitoredx
User-settable report historyx
E-mailed alertsx
Alert on positive or negative transitionsx
Unlimited threshold rangex
Automatically link events to causes x
Local or remote configuration by web browserx
Configure by commentable text-filex
No (UNIX) or minimal (Windows) monitored system configurationx
Agent-less operationx

* Builder capacity is based on a Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz. single processor CPU with 512 Mb. of RAM. Capacity varies depending on the density of events per unit time and the number of performance histograms reported.

** Courier capacity is limited primarily by data network speeds and target system performance rather than by the Courier itself. On a typical small business network with a mix of Linux and Windows systems running on older Pentium cpu's the capacity has been measured at 12 Gb. per day.

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